My first Startlet

Start.com started startlet (kidding, it's called gadget now) to allow external developers to embrace RSS and extend the portal site. I just heard the presentation here in LA by start.com team, and did a quick hack during the interval time which was just 15 minutes, and the result is that. The gadget consists of JavaScript, CSS and RSS. Cool!!!!! Notice this is another type of SPI style extension mechanism, as has been embraced by Yahoo! Maps API. Actually, this is not exactly the same as Y! Maps API. All the processing will be done on client and Start.com may not know who is using what gadgets. Will checked out later.

And I heard it loud and clear, that the Start.com gadget and Windows Vista Sidebar gadget will be integrated, so that you can see the same result both on Sidebar and at your personalized Start.com. This is clearly the warning towards Yahoo and its Konfabulator project I believe.


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